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Aug 18-25 2017Lenox, MARegister Now


with Gary Kraftsow


Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain
August 18–20, 2017
This special program is designed for health professionals, yoga teachers, and everyone who would like to understand Viniyoga’s therapeutic interventions for chronic pain and learn Viniyoga strategies for assessment and intervening in beneficial ways.

Yoga for Life
August 20–23, 2017
Move towards optimal health by adapting the various methods and techniques of yoga to your unique condition, needs, and interests. Yoga teachers and practitioners alike can individualize and actualize the process of self-discovery and personal transformation required to achieve their full potential.

Foundations of Tantric Yoga
August 23–25, 2017
In this program, you learn to activate mantra in the cakra-s through central-channel breathing and use the power of meditation and chanting to affect deep inner transformation.

Note:  Combine all three of Gary’s August programs for a full week-long immersion in yoga’s depth practices at a 10% discount.
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