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Sept 29 - Oct 1 2017Chicago, ILRegister Now

Yoga Therapy Summit

with Gary Kraftsow

Additional Details Coming Soon!

The Yoga Therapy Summit is more about quality than quantity.  It's about bringing together a small group of highly qualified teachers to present in-depth yoga therapy to serious students of yoga.

Master Teachers in the T. Krishnamacharya to TKV Desikachar lineage share their knowledge of yoga therapy.

Topics include:
  • Cutting the “Knots” of the Heart (Hṛdaya-Granthi Bhedanam)
  • Class 1- Brāhma Granthi; Maṇipūra Cakra; Bhūta Śuddhi
  • Class 2 - Viṣṇu Granthi; Anāhata Cakra; Cakra Sādhana
  • Class 3 - Rudra Granthi; Ājñā Cakra; Devatā Yoga

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