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Available nowOnline Meditation Workshop

Meditation Unlocked: Explore the Transformative Power of Yoga

with Gary Kraftsow

In this 11-hour course you will receive 7 integrated practices to establish a deeper state through which you can surface and transform habit patterns to actualize your highest potential.
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Available nowOnline Pranayama Workshop

Pranayama Unlocked: A Practice Based Intensive

with Gary Kraftsow

Prāṇāyāma techniques along with practical methods that link āsana with breath in a systematic way
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Available nowOnline Depression Workshop

Yoga Therapy for Depression

with Gary Kraftsow

Yoga Therapy for Depression - Learn empowering yoga therapy techniques for working with depression.
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Sept 29 - Oct 1 2017Chicago, IL

Yoga Therapy Summit

with Gary Kraftsow

Take Your Yoga Therapy Knowledge, Practice, and Development to the Next Level!
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Mar 9-11 2018Scotts Valley, CA


with Gary Kraftsow

Yoga Therapy and Stress Management
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I have been looking at different styles of yoga for awhile. I am interested in becoming a teacher. This has made me look at yoga in a whole new way. It makes sense. I think it will be a perfect fit for me.

M.P., Forest Hill, MD

Gary speaks from a great depth of immersion in, and understanding of the ancient roots of yoga practice and philosophy. He combines this with a sound practical focus, and is able to communicate with clarity and humor.

A.K., Carmel, IN

I always knew yoga was much more than just asana. It is nice to hear someone with the knowledge and experience to communicate that with all people. Felt great!

A.P., Indianapolis, IN

Thank you! I have enjoyed studying and practicing using Yoga for Wellness. Recently I added the DVDs and now I get to experience Gary LIVE! WooHoo! Awesome weekend. Just what the yoga therapist ordered.

M.R., Sacramento, CA

Thank you for the amazing depth of information on true yoga.

S.W., Auburn, CA

So far, the most helpful, informative, and use-friendly seminar at the conference.

L.S., Modesto, CA

Gary's depth of knowledge on the sutras and how to interpret them with respect to yoga therapy is wonderful. He has a unique quality to share his gift of therapy...

K.M, Denton, TX

I didn’t grasp everything he said. I couldn’t. The concepts he presented are profound and would take lifetimes to fully absorb. Nevertheless, they gave me a glimpse of what is possible. And that was the theme of the workshop: the possibilities for us as human beings to optimize our conditions, not other people’s conditions, but ours. Gary gave the example of an Olympic athlete and a paraplegic person, the end goal for them might be different, but they both have the potential to optimize their current conditions.

Nikki Chan, Seattle, WA in her blog about Optimal Health: The Viniyoga Perspective in Portland, OR

I have meditated for almost 15 years and got relaxation from it but not really anything deeper. Now I feel I have the tools and better understanding of how this can affect my life.

D.J., Wheaton, IL

This workshop has been informative, inspirational and extremely beneficial for my personal and professional practice.

A.T., Chicago, IL

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