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Click to contact AVI Student Advisor Dona Robinson ( or call 317-938-0123 for more information on any of our Professional Training Programs. Dona is an experienced Viniyoga Teacher and Viniyoga Therapist who can guide you in your yoga career path.

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Program Curriculum

Viniyoga Therapist Training


  1. Philosophy and theory of Yoga and Ayurveda: application to physical and emotional health
  2. Western models of human development, health and disease
  3. Teaching and therapeutic relationship skills
  4. Communication skills with students and health care professionals
  5. Clinical decision-making skills: interviewing, observation/assessment, treatment planning, and intervention
  6. Application of Yoga methods (asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, personal ritual, vichara) to commonly occurring structural, physiological and emotional conditions
  7. Design of practices for groups of students with a similar condition
  8. Strategies for working in the healthcare system
  9. Professional issues: documentation, ethics, business practices, legal aspects of practice, ongoing personal and professional development


Session 1: Overview of Yoga Therapy; Yoga Therapy and Musculo-skeletal Health
  • Yoga Therapy overview
  • Clinical decision making process
  • Therapeutic relationship and communication skills
  • Fundamentals of musculo-skeletal assessment,
  • Yoga Therapy for commonly occurring structural health issues
Session 2: Yoga Therapy and Physiological Health
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic perspectives on health
  • Assessment of physiological health
  • Yoga Therapy for commonly occurring physiological health conditions,
  • Aging and chronic illness
  • Design of Yoga Therapy groups
  • Professional development issues
Session 3: Yoga Therapy Perspectives on Mind, Emotions and Behavior
  • Assessment of emotional health issues
  • Yoga Therapy and emotional health
  • Professional, ethical and legal Issues in Yoga Therapy practice
Session 4: Advanced Topics in Yoga Therapy
  • Skill refinement: musculo-skeletal, physiological and emotional health interventions
  • Yoga Therapy: interpersonal, clinical and environmental challenges
  • Yoga Therapy and life threatening illness
  • Defining your professional trajectory as a Yoga Therapist
  • Developing individualized Yoga practices for spiritual inquiry

The AVI Viniyoga™ Therapist Training Program includes four sessions (three 10-day sessions; one 5-day session) during which you immerse yourself in the learning experience in a supportive Yoga community of fellow students, teachers, and mentors.

Each session includes lectures, Yoga practices focused on clinical application, case demonstrations, small group work, and guided independent study. Webinars and telephone conferences occur between training sessions.

Sessions are spaced approximately 6 months apart to allow time for integration of the material through personal practice, home study assignments, telephone calls with mentors, conference calls with faculty, and work with Yoga Therapy clients.

Mentoring and consultation are important aspects of the development of the Viniyoga™ Therapist. Each student has an experienced Viniyoga Therapist faculty mentor to guide their development in personal practice and Viniyoga Therapy skills. Mentoring includes review of written case studies and consultation at each session, telephone meetings in between sessions and case study teleconferences with Gary Kraftsow and faculty. More extensive individual mentoring is available between sessions and on an ongoing basis after certification for a fee.

There are pre-training assignments and a resource list to guide your preparation for the training. If you are planning to register for the training, please contact our Student Advisor at for a copy of the pre-training home study and resource list.

Participants in the program complete approximately 1000 hours of study. This calculation includes 300 hours of credit for prior learning in AVI teacher training programs. A minimum of 150 clinical practicum hours are completed as part of the AVI Viniyoga Therapist Training Program.

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