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Program Curriculum

In Leslie Kaminoff’s 9-month intensive Online Yoga Anatomy Course, you will discover:

  • The evolutionary science of supporting body-weight on your arms.
  • A simple body measurement you can teach your students to help them set up for a safe and successful headstand.
  • How many yoga-related lower body pains really boil down to what Leslie has termed “Yoga Butt,” and how you can avoid it, or heal it.
  • How to get more effective hip-opening from standing postures, and why floor work can be counterproductive.
  • How to help older students re-gain their sense of balance (and how to keep younger students from losing it!)
  • Warning signs that you are pushing a joint too far.
  • The truth about Ujjayi breath, and when you should stop doing it.
  • Little-known factors that could affect your asana longevity.
  • Why more students are getting injured in yoga class than you think, and what you can do to change it in your class.
  • Leslie’s top 10 tips for individualizing student experience in group classes.
  • How to identify knee problems before surgery.
  • How to resurrect fallen arches.
  • How breath re-patterning can transform your practice.
  • How to tell when repetition will heal, and when it will injure.
  • Learn the Warrior Series, and how you can modify it in any context.
  • One simple trick to protect the knees in (almost) any posture.
  • And more…

Trimester #1: Breathing

  • Introduction to core concepts of yoga and anatomy
  • Breathing as shape change
  • SLOIRA – The Diaphragm Formula
  • Relations and Actions of the Diaphragm
  • The Diaphragm as the Engine of 3-D Shape Change
  • The Accessory Muscles: The Steering Mechanisms of Breath
  • Brmhana / Langhana - Fundamental Energetics of Breath
  • A Guided Tour of the Pelvic Floor
  • The Vocal Diaphragm & the Anatomy of Sound
  • The Role of Bandhas in Support and Movement
  • Kundalini – Energy or Obstacle?
  • Breath – Centered Practice

Trimester #2: The Spine

  • An evolutionary and developmental history of the spine
  • Architectural principles of spinal structure – Tension/Compression as Sthira/Sukha
  • The spine’s major curves
  • The spine’s major movements
  • How to recognize and analyze spinal range of motion
  • A yogic perspective on asymmetry
  • A breath-centered approach to twisting, and why we need to protect T11/T12
  • Healing the cervical region with “Drishti” and other sensory-driven movement cues
  • Disc structure, function and dysfunction – Why most back pain is not discogenic in origin
  • Symmetry vs. Balance – Special scoliosis presentation
  • Detailed range of motion practice and observation – strategies for teaching and healing
  • The special case of axial extension – Mahamudra

Trimester #3: The Articular Body

  • Evolution and development of the limbs
  • The architecture of the foot – bones and arches
  • The musculature of the foot – pulleys, cables, fulcrums and layers
  • How to analyze and re-pattern gait
  • Teaching strategies for awakening and integrating the arches
  • Yoga and the knee – includes surgical videos
  • The hip joint and pelvic articulations – The truth about “Yoga Butt”
  • The shoulder girdle – using the hand as a foot
  • Arm support strategies – headstand analysis
  • Arm balances: a new perspective
  • The warrior series: fundamentals and modifications
  • Strategies for individualizing group practice
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